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Wole Soyinkas KING BAABU, a Nigerian-Swiss-British co-production

Poster: Chrigel Farner

Wole Soyinka's KING BAABU is adapted from the play «Ubu Roi» by Alfred Jarry. Soyinka has managed, with much humour and explosive political force, to place the action in an African context, characterising the despotism and lust for power of an African ruler who he has called BASHA BASH (a name which perhaps is easy to confuse with that of the last Nigerian military dictator Abacha).

Since achieving independence in the year 1960, Nigeria has experienced just 6 years of democratically elected rule. During the remaining 34 years the country has been systematically brought to the brink of ruin by a series of military dictatorships.

Our Nigerian-Swiss-British co-produktion is not only of highest artistic quality, but also has a developmental dimension. The focus here is on the mediating function exercised by culture across the division between north/south, poor/rich and powerless/powerful. African and European actors work closely together, gathering experience in this theatre project.

It remains a matter of great importance that the play is shown not just to European audiences, but also to audiences in Africa. For this reason the play returns to Nigeria in 2003 under the direction of the author after successful tours in Nigeria, Switzerland and Germany in 2001 and in Southafrica and Lesotho in 2002.

The Participants
Script and Artistic Director: Wole Soyinka, Abeokuta und Atlanta
Assistant of the Artistic Director: Bernhard Muller, Paris, Adeniji Akanni, Lagos,
Actors: Anthony Ofoegbu (England) , Ayo Olawuni (Nigeria), Bassey Okon Esanetok (Nigeria), Emmanuel Oga (Nigeria), Inna Eriza-Abubakar (Nigeria), Kehinde Adeymo (Nigeria), Makinde Adeniran (Nigeria), Marcia Hewitt (England), Ombo Gogo Ombo (Nigeria), Susan Aderin (England), Tunji Oyelana (England), Tunji Sotimirin (Nigeria), Victor Okwuchukwu (Nigeria), Wale Ojo (England), Yomi Michaels (England),
Technical Production / Stage Director: Oyewusi Tayo, Lagos, Light: Anita Vetterli, Zürich, Wardrobe: Karin Moffa, Zürich, Scenery: Karin Süss, Zürich, Production: Niggi Popp, Imke Kreiser, NÀWÁO Produktion Zürich, Organisation and Co-ordination of the Tour: Niggi Popp, Imke Kreiser, NÀWÁO Produktion Zürich