NÀWÁ0 does not only produce projects of its own but also offers consulting and should the occasion arise cooperation in realizing other projects. Consulting includes all steps of project work and ranges from evaluation in European countries and abroad, project development and financing to PR and documentation.

Furthermore we do evaluations concerning cultural matters for NGO's. Honorarium depends on the type and extent of consulting.

NÀWÁ0 Produktion Zürich, Röntgenstr. 4, CH-8004 Zürich, Schweiz
tel/fax: (0041+1) 271 5060, tel: (0041+1) 271 5067

NÀWÁ0 Paris, 19 Rue du Four, 91240 St-Michel sur Orge, France
tel: (33).
fax: (33)

NÀWÁ0 Berlin, Nostitzstrasse 20, 10961 Berlin, Deutschland
tel/fax: (0049) 3021997793

NÀWÁ0 Accra, P.O. Box AN-16666, Accra, Ghana,
tel/fax: (00233) 21225880